Gigi Hadid

United States

20 Covers
Vogue US (3)
Vogue Paris (2)
Vogue Italia (2)
Vogue UK (2)
Vogue China (2)
Vogue Japan (1)
Vogue Germany (1)
Vogue Spain (1)
Vogue Australia (1)
Vogue Brazil (1)
Vogue Netherlands (2)
Vogue Arabia (1) 
Vogue Korea (1)

2017 (7)
Vogue UK March 2017 by Mario Testino
Vogue China March 2017 by Patrick Demarchelier
Vogue US March 2017 by Inez & Vinoodh
Vogue Arabia March 2017 by Inez & Vinoodh
Vogue Netherlands May 2017 bySerge Leblon 
Vogue US August 2017 by Inez & Vinoodh
Vogue Korea September 2017


2016 (8)
Vogue UK January 2016 by Patrick Demarchelier
Vogue Paris March 2016 by Mert & Marcus
Vogue China March 2016 by Solve Sundsbo
Vogue Italy April 2016 by Patrick Demarchelier
Vogue Germany May 2016 by Camilla Akrans
Vogue US August 2016 by Mario Testino
Vogue Paris November 2016 by Mario Testino
Vogue Japan December 2016 by Luigi & Iango


2015 (5)
Vogue Spain March 2015 by Benny Horne
Vogue Australia June 2015 by Benny Horne
Vogue Brazil July 2015 by Henrique Gendre
Vogue Netherlands November 2015 by Alique
Vogue Italia November 2015 by Steven Meisel


  1. Her Vogue Paris cover in better quality:

    Her vogue italia cover in high quality:

  2. Her 2016 covers look so good when put together like that! The only I didn't like was China, mostly cuz they photoshopped her too much - no moles, even her face has a photoshop blush on. Hope she gets more in 2017! Great cover girl

    1. Yes her covers this year are pretty impressive considering it's only her second year of covers! I'm personally not a fan of her Vogue Germany cover, but otherwise, she looks great everywhere and in everything.

  3. hey why do gigi's fans still think that she has twenty eight vogue covers as of September 2017

  4. hey Gigi's fans says she has covered twenty eight vogue covers its says only 20 here?/

  5. Nice Vogue Cover collection of Gigi Hadid. Love it.